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You can use our free FAQ plugin to add the FAQ to your Knowledgebase. You can get it for free here:

Absolutely. You can order your topics in any way you want. You can also choose ordering based on alphabetical order or recency or number of articles in a topic.

Right on, you can! Just go to Helpie Settings -> User Access. You have all the restriction features you need.

Yes, the table of contents shows the headers inside the article when you navigate to that article. You can control this in Helpie Settings -> Components.

You can add other users and access them a particular WordPress user role ( editor, author, etc ). Then you can go to Helpie Settings -> Core to assign publishing capabilities to these roles.

Why not? All things are possible 😉

Commnly Asked Questions

  • Getting Started
  • What does this demo site show?
    This demo site is an example of a site that can be created with Helpie Knowledge base and Helpie FAQ Pro plugins.
  • How is the FAQ section created?
    This FAQ section is created with Helpie FAQ Pro Plugin. It is set in 'Category Accordion' display mode and it lists FAQ items within Categories.
  • Helpie FAQ Plugin
  • How do you create this FAQ/Accordion section?
    This FAQ/Accordion section is created using Helpie FAQ Pro plugin. You can create and embed FAQ sections using:
    1. FAQ Shortcode Builder
    2. Elementor Page Builder
    3. Gutenberg Block Editor
  • Can I customize the Accordion created with Helpie FAQ?
    You can customize the Accordion to match your brand. You can create custom background colors for Header and Body, and also change the Fonts, Font Size and Colors. Also choose from a huge list of custom icons for toggle.
  • Helpie FAQ Pro Plugin
  • How is Helpie FAQ Pro plugin better than the free plugin?
    Helpie Pro plugin comes with powerful features that lets you create a unique FAQ section. It gives you:
    1. Advanced accordion background color customization and styling options
    2. Custom Toggle Icons
    3. User FAQ Submission
    4. Auto Ordering based on User Engagement and User Insights
  • What is unique about the Helpie FAQ Pro plugin?
    Helpie FAQ Pro is a one of a kind plugin because it helps you understand your customers better. It comes with User Insights and FAQ Auto-ordering features. You can know which FAQs are most read and see which keywords are most searched on your FAQ page. Also enabling Auto-Ordering displays the most read FAQs first to help your customers find answers fast.
  • Tablesome - WordPress table plugin
  • How to create tables in WordPress?
    You can create beautiful tables with Tablesome free WordPress table plugin. You can download it from here.
  • How to add tables to WordPress posts and pages?
    When you create tables with Tablesome table plugin you will be provided with a table shortcode for each table. You can add these shortcodes anywhere on your WordPress posts and pages and embed the tables.

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